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With some free time after the Fall semester, I decided to tool around with Quarto, a new publishing system that (from my understanding) seems more flexible and powerful than document generation in Rmarkdown. Quarto is not isolated to R (extensions exist for Jupyter notebooks with Python and Julia), but my interest lies mostly in Quarto within RStudio for both R and Python (via the reticulate package.)

Below is a PDF that I've generated using Quarto in RStudio, with examples of mathematical writing/typesetting, visualization using both R and Python, presentations of tabular data for both R, and some general Quarto resources for my future reference.

I've not yet used Quarto for all of its more novel features (e.g. improved figure aliasing and placement), but I'm a fan of Quarto for my current processes. I've been tentatively converted and will continue to explore Quarto, both within RStudio and the extensions to Jupyter kernels of Python and Julia.

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